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The problem with the law is that no one understands it. And if nobody understands it, then it is easy to trick and deceive people, simply by using it.


What is an utter surprise to most is that here in Aotearoa, we have two of the strongest and most powerful constitutional documents on Planet Earth.  These documents secured and extended the English Common Law Rights for all those inhabiting Planet Earth.  They set forth a process for self-governance for all indigenous peoples, and those that live amongst them – meaning no segregation.  These documents were contrary to the plans currently promoted by governments to divide and conquer the population.


To understand this we must go back in time to look at the history of the whole world as

told by the irrefutable history through law......... 

Keep an eye out for the next Zoom call. 
The last one on 17th January was about Data. 
(And usually there is none).


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Ewan Campbell

Ewan is an award winning farmer, researcher, patent holder, author and Brookside Soil consultant whose experiences revealed to him that the law was unjust and the system corrupt.  He has spent the last 16 years researching and taking action in order to bring about fairness and a just world for all.

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Another book by Ewan

An Ecofarmer's Discovery

How the soil really works

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