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Who is the Government?

Who is the Government?


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The problem with the law is that no one understands it. And if nobody understands it, then it is easy to trick and deceive people, simply by using it.


What is an utter surprise to most is that here in Aotearoa, we have two of the strongest and most powerful constitutional documents on Planet Earth.  These documents secured and extended the English Common Law Rights for all those inhabiting Planet Earth.  They set forth a process for self-governance for all indigenous peoples, and those that live amongst them – meaning no segregation.  These documents were contrary to the plans currently promoted by governments to divide and conquer the population.


To understand this we must go back in time to look at the history – of the whole world. Once we understand the great deceptions of law in the history we can begin to appreciate how Aotearoa has something that is worthy of learning and recovering, to move us forward in a peaceful and productive way which was the intention of the agreement put in place back in 1840.


Over many years Ewan Campbell has painstakingly researched law history, delving and uncovering the law.  He has unearthed and exposed a shocking story.  The story that has marched us up into this current situation of uncertainty we are in, where statue law is corrupt, only present to protect ‘the company’ and to ultimately keep the population enslaved, repressed and ignorant and even sick.


You will be amazed at the lengths gone to by heads of Royalty, Religion and State to keep the people in this current state of ignorance and confusion.  From titles and styles of King James in 1604 to statutes of today, deeming that if one has a driving licence, one is in the employ of the military, or, to washing your baby for the first time deeming that child to be of Roman Catholic religion.  From jurisdictions of one country coming from another, to countries as corporations, creating law for other countries too. 


Ewan backtracks to the Doomsday Book of 1086, commissioned by William the Conqueror where Royalty are nothing more than trustees of the land – known in the process of ‘Equity’. 


Certain dates start to show up suspiciously often – 1919, 1967 and 1986 for example and you will be shown how these dates are part of the steps toward the ‘plan’. 


Supported by pictures and symbols throughout the book, Ewan shows how everything is linked and how we have been ‘informed’ through the symbols on flags, coins, coats of arms etc – you will start to see these symbols everywhere. 


From New Zealand, to Austria and France, to Australia and the United States and the United States of America (yes, there is a difference), from Aotearoa to England, Scotland, Holland, Tokelau, Akaroa and back to Antarctica, the tangle of intention is all laid bare.


Discover what the Magna Carta 1215 is really about and why it isn’t something we should be wishing for.


Find out how charters and constitutions seem to be gone, but, in effect have been shelved in order to use later to suit the agenda.


Identify how often the Roman Catholic military orders have been involved with the day to day operations of our country.  The same with certain dynasties and families.


Learn how we have been kept in a state of Infancy – not relating to our age, but contractual disability thereby deeming us to not be fit to look after ourselves, thus at the mercy of those who believe they can do that role for us. You will notice the trickery used in words as an effective tool of deception.


Why?  Land.  If there is no land there is no law.  Land is so important that part of the deception included geographical descriptions of just what and where New Zealand is.  Aotearoa is the last unconquered, sovereign land of the world.  Thanks to an incredibly powerful declaration of independence, He Whakaputanga, and an equally powerful trust document, Te Tiriti o Waitangi, we have more rights than we can imagine.  But these rights also came attached to obligations that have not been carried out until now.


If you have a care for your sovereignty, that of your children and the future, you must understand how law has sabotaged your precious, inalienable rights.  Knowledge is power.  The pen is mightier than the sword.


Our acquiescence has been in our silence due to our ignorance and that has been our downfall.  But only until now as the sovereign power has been recovered and reclaimed as we have been released from our ‘infancy’, stepping into our majority.  Almost 200 years ago it was prophesised that the power would come to pass and we are at that point now.


Ewan shows how, through the revelation of the deceptions and the clearing of a path through them we can move forward as a whole, self-governing people with the guidelines of the Common Laws of England and the rules and principles of Equity – often called the Law of Fairness.


Continuing to ask permission from unconstitutional authorities is to condone their behaviour but knowledge and equitable action and learning just who the government is means we can stand up for ourselves and move forward.

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